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Uppsala | Kungshamn

Dariusz Zieliński

Dariusz Zieliński
I was born on 1975. I’ve been engaged in sculpture since 1998. I would call myself a self-taught, though my work has been greatly influenced by an educator and sculptor, Jacek Kozłowski. Meeting him deserves to be called “the moment” of my life.

In my work I attempt at displaying delicacy, fickleness, etherealness, and motion. Hence, perhaps, a number of my sculptures are disproportionably long – as they become apparently light thus, barely reaching the ground. I strive to avoid limiting myself to one manner of shaping the figures. I like experimenting with proportions and seeking for ever different way of deforming the reality.

I think it’s vital for every sculpture to present a story. First, I have a subject and then I find some shape for it. I believe it’s partially connected with the fact that I’m a graduate from the Academy of Special Education.